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Choosing A Bow Tie

Bow Tie -Bow ties are an important item of clothing for any formal occasion, as they are the traditional item to accompany a tuxedo or dinner jacket. However there is a massive range of bow ties to choose from and it can seem quite difficult to make a choice. This article is designed to help you make that choice by taking you through the different variable areas.


The first thing to decide is the colour of bow tie that you want. The most traditional colour for a bow tie is black and black is also the most formal colour. If you are using your bow tie for formal occasions such as dinner parties or award ceremonies then black is the colour to choose. However there are also a lot of other colour options. Less formal options include red and pink, which can still look great with a white tuxedo shirt especially for less formal occasions where you still need to look smart. Of course you can find a bow tie in pretty much any colour you like, even including mixtures of colours and patterns such as polka dots.


Bow Tie -The material that the bow tie is made out of is a really important area to think about. At the more expensive end of the material range are materials such as silk and velvet, which both look and feel really nice. Although these materials are really nice, the cost might well put some people off, as they are more expensive than bow ties made of cheaper materials such as polyester. They are also arguably less practical as polyester is normally machine washable whereas silk or velvet may need dry cleaning by a professional. However polyester isn't quite as nice to wear, so the choice you make is really a trade-off between looks and cost. If you are planning to use your bow tie for a while, then it might make sense to go for a material like silk that you would appreciate in the long run. However if you need a bow tie for a one-off event then polyester is a good option also.


There are two main types of bow ties- those that are tied yourself and those that are pre-tied. Tying a bow tie yourself can be quite tricky and can take a while, but if you know how to then this isn't really a massive problem, so a self tied tie is a good option. If you are less confident in your tying abilities then you can opt for a pre tied bow tie, where the bow is permanently formed and an adjustable loop secures it around your neck. The advantage of these pre tied bow ties is that they are easy to wear and can also be put on very quickly. Because there is such a massive range of bow ties for men it can be tough to make a choice but by considering these three major categories you can make your life a lot easier.

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